2021. N 2

Social problems of social development

Sociocultural factors of using the intellectual reserves of the personnel of industrial enterprises

The article analyzes the processes of using the personnel intellectual reserves in the industrial enterprises. It proves theoretically and empirically the necessity and effectiveness of socio-cultural factors using in the development of economic and innovative thinking of various professional-qualification and status groups of employees.


Research conflict as a process of interpretation and meanings generation

The article researches the conflict as a social interaction, at the center of which is the process of interpretation and generation of meanings. Theories of semiosocial psychology, frame analysis, coordinated control of meanings, which allow expanding the possibilities of diagnostics and managerial influence on conflict confrontation, are investigated. Particular attention is paid to the need to study the socio-cultural, organizational context, which determines the differences in the cognitive perceptions of opponents and their perception of the conflict.


The transformation of the concept of corporate social responsibility in the period of the pandemic 2020-2021 in Russia and abroad

The Corporate Social Responsibility now is the integral part of the life of society. Definitely, external circumstance - as economical crises, pandemie or man-made disasters - influence the formation of CSR in corporations. The article analyzes the problem of perception and acceptance of the contribution of business to ensuring social protection, environmental safety and economic stability of citizen’s lives in a crisis.


Discrimination people with disabilities in the assessments of experts from all-Russian public organizations (based on the materials of a sociological research)

The article deals with the issue of the situation of people with disabilities and overcoming discrimination. Based on scientific and practical materials developed in the framework of sociological and legal research, the peculiarity of the situation of people with disabilities in the Russian Federation is shown. On the basis of a sociological survey of representatives of all-Russian public organizations, it is shown that there are restrictions in the spheres of health care, education, employment and employment, especially for people with mental (mental) disabilities and people with hearing impairments.


Sociology of labor and employment

Attitude towards the formalization of the informally self-employed in Russia (on the example of St. Petersburg)

Based on a pilot study, the article analyzes the attitude towards the formalization of the informally self-employed. The research was conducted in St. Petersburg using the semi-structured interview method. The result of the study was the identification of an ambiguous attitude towards the formalization of the informally self-employed, which cannot be regarded as a homogeneous group. Different groups of self-employed have different attitudes towards the formalization of their activities, from consent to be formalized in the near future to complete rejection of such formalization.


Socio-economic problems of enterprises employees employment during the period of social transformations

The article analyzes the problem of creating conditions for effective and flexible employment at large production enterprises based on a new theoretical understanding of the socio-economic mechanism of the crisis situations emergence. The authors determine the factors of the external and internal environment that must be considered when identifying crisis situations at enterprises. Based on the composition of program actions on the employment effectiveness in crisis situations, a scenario approach to the effective use of labor, means and objects of labor has been developed. In order to overcome crisis situations, the authors have proposed various types of inter-functional coordination of organizing the management processes of effective employment with local authorities.


Personnel involvement as a key factor of economic efficiency

This article examines the impact of the level of personnel involvement on the performance of the Enterprise. Variants of definition of the concept of "involvement", gradation of levels of involvement are considered. Statistical data on the correlation between the level of personnel involvement and the main hr metrics, such as turnover and staffing and the impact on economic indicators, are presented. The methodology of conducting research on involvement, algorithmization of the research process is presented.


Social problems and value orientations of youth

The process of upbringing youth in the conditions of modern social transformations

he first two decades of the development of social relations in Russia revealed the essentially contradictory problems of the education of young people. Family, school, social institutions that do not take into account the fact that young people, primarily a subject of social relations, use the established stereotypes of upbringing, and in recent years they present the upbringing process as some kind of service. At the same time, the most important factors of influence on the external environment of young people, their value orientations and preferences are not taken into account. In the absence of a state ideology of social development, there is an increase in consumer communication, lack of spirituality, loss of interest in work, lack of trust in the implementation of social practices. Taking into account the fact that young people are an important factor in socio-political, production, economic and social transformations in society, it becomes obvious that a more detailed approach to the formation of youth policy is needed to realize that its discreteness and abstraction from the development of social relations can lead to them. Stagnation and unavoidable consequences.


Research of professional burnout processes of pedagogical workers of orphanian schools. Experience of application of the Psycap method in Russia

The article describes the experience and results of the study of the concept of personality psychological capital (PsyCap), which is gaining popularity among researchers. We obtained the author's permission to use the PsyCap methodology in the study of the value-motivational meanings of teaching staff of workers in institutions. The aim of the work was to test the PsyCap concept in Russia. The article presents the results of a survey of the parents of 175 teachers, the estimated results. The article will be useful for heads of educational and social institutions, relevant ministries and researchers dealing with the problems of work motivation, satisfaction and professional burnout.


Features of integration of young migrants in St. Petersburg

This article examines Features of integration of young migrants in St. Petersburg. We have justified the need for systematic work on the implementation of migration policy with a focus on young migrants. The article presents the results of an expert interview.


Value orientations and reading dispositions of modern young authors

The article is devoted to the study of value orientations and reading dispositions of modern young authors. The substantiation of reading as an important tool of personality socialization is given. The definition of the reader's disposition is given. The features of the reading behavior of young authors are determined. The hierarchy of reading preferences of young authors in comparison with non-writing readers is analyzed. The dominant value orientations of modern young writers are revealed.


Social problems of HR marketing

Modeling economic indicators in a personal marketing system

This article examines the improvement of strategic personnel management, describes the strategic functions for implementing the strategy, as a specific mechanism for reconciling the interests of employers and employees. The purpose of this article, the authors established in the definition of distinctive features, which consist in increasing the efficiency of implementation and competitiveness of labor resources by optimizing the labor potential in the organization, as well as the introduction of modern technologies for personnel management, the active involvement of young professionals. The authors identified the main tasks of the article and determined their features, in particular, the economic and indirect effects as a result of the implementation of the personnel management strategy in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "RADON".


Analysis of the needs of the professional community of cadastre engineers in education

The article reflects the results of a study of assessments by the professional community of training needs, as well as organizational and substantive aspects of the provision of educational services by the Federal Cadastral Chamber on the example of the Leningrad region. It is shown that the Cadastral Chamber has a high reputation as an expert in issues that are included in educational programs, but does not have enough analytical information on the needs of cadastral engineers in the region in additional education.


Value-based approach to assessing the quality of services in the logistics system of public passenger transport

The article presents a methodological approach to assessing the quality of services provided to passengers in the logistics system of public passenger transport in the city. The article deals with the selection of indicators for assessing the quality of passenger transport services, systematization of the requirements of passengers as recipients of public transport services, depending on the size of the city and the level of well-being of the population for the subsequent analysis of value expectations, the satisfaction of which is the main factor in the demand for public transport. The presented design can be used for formation of strategy of development of the systems, modification of their structure, the choice of models of interaction of elements of system of public urban passenger transport, the balance between management practices, choice of sources and methods of financing the operation of the system of garden, necessary and sufficient considering the value expectations of consumers.


Sociology of culture and communications

Social and professional construct of a journalist's personality as a result of interaction in the context of media convergence

The article examines the changes that arise in connection with the media convergent influence on journalistic activity. The social interaction between producers and consumers of information is changing. Digital innovations dictate the emergence of new methods of working with the audience. The behavior of a journalist depends entirely on the understanding of the processes taking place in the media sphere. The research conducted by the author of the article revealed the main trends and problems of the development of the profession "journalism", and hence the prospects for managing the processes occurring in the media environment.


South Korean cinematography: cultural influence in the world and in Russia

The article is devoted to the consideration of South Korean cinema and its products as part of soft power in the terminology of J. Nye, in other words, cultural influence and increasing the international attractiveness of the Republic of Korea in the world. Attention is paid to the development of cinema in the Republic of Korea, its support from government agencies and participation in international film festivals. The analysis of the popularity of Korean films in Russia by the criterion of box office and artistic value is also carried out. The article shows that Korean cinema has not yet received significant recognition from the Russian audience, but is highly appreciated by the community of film critics and experts.


Manipulation of Consciousness in Contemporary Social Practices

The article examines the phenomenon of manipulation of consciousness from the point of view of sociological sciences. The author focuses on the key directions of manipulation, among which society, communication and information. The analysis of each of the directions is carried out on the basis of the study of sociological works devoted to the study of manipulations, public consciousness and the possibility of changing value attitudes. As the results of the study, it is proposed to develop measures against manipulation based on the study of the possible direction of manipulative influence.


School for young researchers

Perception of advertising product and advertising actions as a factor of human consciousness self-regulation

The current stage of interaction between commodity producers and consumers through an advertising product and advertising actions does not take into account the transformation process of a person's life-position, his consciousness, reactions to the consumer market state, the possibility of consumer behavior self-regulation and self-awareness that the person himself is an object of social development.


About specificity of the professional communication system in medical institutions

The article provides information about development and evolution of communication, specificity of modern professional communications in medical institutions. The structure of the communication system and its features in medical institutions are described. The data about the assessment of the quality of written communication between primary care physicians and medical specialists are presented. There is a conclusion about the actual problems in the sphere of professional communications of medical institutions.


Current trends in recruitment in a digital economy

Globally, digitalization is a concept of economic activity based on digital technologies being introduced in different areas of life and production. Digitalization is actively used in the field of personnel search and recruitment. This article examines trends in recruitment, with the introduction of it-technologies and Internet resources.


Organizational problems of the transition to teleworking in the context of the covid-19 pandemic in Russia

The article analyzes the published studies devoted to the study of the remote format of work in the conditions of restrictive measures, examines the problems and advantages of remote work, and also assesses the possibilities for further development of the remote form of labor organization.