Perception of the future and individual’s biographic project

The article examines the problems of sociological study of ideas about the future in the context of an individual's biographical project. It is shown that the individual's ideas about his/her own future in modern socio-cultural conditions are an important component of his social identity. A brief review of empirical researches confirms that the perception of the future is one of the important factors of motivation of individuals, as well as in their professional adaptability. A short overview of methods aimed at studying the individual's ideas about the future is given and their significance for applied research is indicated.

For citation: Divisenko K.S. Perception of the future and individual’s biographic project. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2021. N. 4. P. 103-108. DOI:10.51692/1994-3776_2021_4_103